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The Impressor – Tenderizing Meat the Professional Way

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A Guide to Selecting Meat

The Impressor – High-Quality Meat Tenderizer

The “Impressor Line” of Professional Grade Multi Function Meat Preparation Tools

The Impressor

The Impressor™

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The Impressor Plus™

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The Impressor in Action

The Impressor™ 60-blades Attachment

When it comes to convenience, there's a lot more to think about than just saving time like perhaps your health. This is a pre-marinated pork loin that you find in most grocery store’s meat department and it sells for about $4.99 a pound. About 16 percent of the weight is the actual marinade, consequently you're paying for the marinade. Not so bad?
Let’s loo[...]

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Do It Yourself chicken-fried steaks

Start with a roast purchased from the meat department at your local grocery store. Using The Impressor™ 60-blades Piercing attachment repeatedly pierce the roast thoroughly on all sides. Remember, whenever you are piercing through the exterior fat first, you are always cutting across the grain of the meat. This is the most [...]

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