Do It Yourself chicken-fried steaks

Start with a roast purchased from the meat department at your local grocery store. Using The Impressor™ 60-blades Piercing attachment repeatedly pierce the roast thoroughly on all sides. Remember, whenever you are piercing through the exterior fat first, you are always cutting across the grain of the meat. This is the most effective way to cut through the connective tissue associated with making meats tough.
Next, using a good chef’s knife, cut slices three quarters to one inch thick to create steaks. Pierce each steak generously on both sides continue to tenderize the meat. To create a homemade chicken-fried steak attach The Impressor™ universal handle to the coarse pounding plate and pound the steaks on both sides to further tenderize and texture the steaks. Dredge the textured steaks through seasoned flour or bread crumbs coating each steak evenly. Using The Impressor™ Coarse Pounding plate lightly tamp the seasoned coatings deep into the porous surface of the steaks to create a coating that will not separate during frying.