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About the Founder of Butcher’s Kitchen

With over 25 years of experience in preparing and selling meat, Butcher’s Kitchen founder Ed Ferencik has a lot to offer to both aspiring and experienced chefs. One holiday season, while buying groceries in a warehouse mega-store, Ed found himself surrounded by puzzled shoppers; no butcher was present to answer their questions about the store’s large selection of meat.
As Ed began sharing his knowledge about cooking methods and cuts of meat, he became inspired to provide resources for those who no longer had a corner butcher to offer their help and expertise.

“Having always been involved in the food world in one way or another, be it butchering, cooking, catering or BBQing, it was always the center point of our family get-togethers as well as my way of making a living, for the most part. As it be, my first born son Ed Jr. was raised in this environment (the work, the food, the BBQs, the talk, the parties, etc.) and became enamored by it so much that he chose to pursue it as well, graduating Cum Laude From UNLV with a business hospitality and culinary degree and a Certified Sommelier by the Court of Masters.
The mission of Butcher’s Kitchen is not only to provide professional-grade tools for the home kitchen but also to be your resource for advice, for suggestions, for fresh ideas — to be your corner butcher.”
– Ed Ferencik