The Impressor™ 60-blades Attachment

When it comes to convenience, there’s a lot more to think about than just saving time like perhaps your health. This is a pre-marinated pork loin that you find in most grocery store’s meat department and it sells for about $4.99 a pound. About 16 percent of the weight is the actual marinade, consequently you’re paying for the marinade. Not so bad?
Let’s look at the actual ingredients that are in this pork loin: water, salt, maltodextrin, sodium diacetate, sodium carbonate, natural flavorings, sugar, smoke flavor, sodium phosphate, sodium nitrate. It may also contain: sodium ascorbate, sodium erythorbate, flavorings like potassium chloride, dextrose, bacon flavorings, hydrolyzed soy protein, maltodextrin, yeast extract, salt, pork, pork fat, silicon dioxide, some ground chilies. This is what you get in this very convenient pre-marinated pork loin.
In the video displayed above, the Butchers Kitchen offers a few suggestions for you to create your own marinated pork-loin. Your family and guests will surely be impressed!