Quickly Marinate Pork Loin

Use The Impressor™ 60-blades attachment pierce the pork loin evenly from one end to the other and repeat on all sides. This will not only tenderize today’s leaner and healthier pork, it will also create pathways that will allow marinades and brines to penetrate deep into the center of the pork roast.
Place the tenderized pork loin into a plastic storage bag and cover it with your favorite marinade, brine or barbecue sauce. Let the flavors you add soak in for an hour, or up to 24 hours if desired. Two to three hours usually works best. Remember, the idea is to enhance the delicious natural flavors of the pork, not hide it or embalm it with artificial ingredients and chemicals.
In the video above, we are using a natural but delicious cherry apple juice from a concentrate, with a few added spices. This will give the pork a nice sweet flavor and keep it moist during roasting or barbecuing.
With the Impressor™ you can be as creative as you would like, using healthy and natural ingredients. Your guests will surely be impressed!