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Save Time

– Thin blades slice pathways through the food, enabling spices and marinades to soak in quickly throughout to cut marinating time down to minutes instead of hours.

– The pathways conduct heat evenly through the food, cutting down cooking time by as much as 40%.

– Spend less time preparing and more time enjoying meals




Enhance Taste

– Marinades thoroughly penetrate the meat fibers to create richer flavor as they are rapidly drawn into the center of the cut.

– Helps marinades naturally enhance the flavor of today’s leaner organic cuts of meat.

– The pathways allow chicken, turkey, and other poultry to self-baste, creating juicier meat and crispier skin.




Improve Tenderness

– The thin blades slice through connective tissue responsible for toughness, tenderizing meat in the method used in professional kitchens.

– The pathways enable acidic-based marinades to naturally tenderize meat in less time.






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