The Impressor Artisan™

The Impressor Artisan™


Premium Artisan Meat Tenderizer and Flavor Infuser.

  • Three piece meat pounder set with detachable ergonomic handle & three different pounding surfaces
  • Zinc core construction triple Chrome plating magnetically secured gold hinged bamboo storage block hinged
  • Smooth pounding plate attachment for forming cutlets, scaloppini, and pail lizards
  • Medium course pounding plate attachment for texturing and tenderizing thinner meats
  • Extra course pounding plate attachment for tenderizing thicker cuts

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Weight: 3.09 lbs
Dimensions:4 x 4 x 8.5 in

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Butcher's Kitchen

Marinate Brine or Tenderize – It’s About TIME ©


  • Interchangeable Handle

    Chrome-plated zinc construction
    Ergonomic shape
    Twists easily on to Piercing Blades
    Weighted handle uses gravity to do the work for you

  • Storage Base

    Stores all Impressor components in an attractive display
    Solid wood

  • Smooth Pounder

    Chrome-plated zinc construction
    Flatten meat or poultry into even cutlets
    Crack crab shells
    Crush whole cloves of garlic, coarse seasonings, nuts, bread crumbs or graham crackers

  • Medium Coarse Pounder

    Chrome-plated zinc construction
    Tenderize steaks, chops, and thinner cuts of meat
    Add texture for improved breading and flouring
    Infuse foods with seasoning flavors
    Pound abalone and calamari

  • Coarse Pounder

    Chrome-plated zinc construction
    60 high, pointed, conical tips
    Tenderize thicker, economical steaks, chops, and wild game
    Prepare cube steak or chicken-fried steak and chicken
    Pound abalone


Thin blades slice pathways through the food, enabling spices and marinades to soak in quickly throughout to cut marinating time down to minutes instead of hours.
The pathways conduct heat evenly through the food, cutting down cooking time by as much as 40%. Spend less time preparing and more time enjoying meals.


Marinades thoroughly penetrate the meat fibers to create richer flavor as they are rapidly drawn into the center of the cut. Helps marinades naturally enhance the flavor of today’s leaner organic cuts of meat. The pathways allow chicken, turkey, and other poultry to self-baste, creating juicier meat and crispier skin.


The thin blades slice through connective tissue responsible for toughness, tenderizing meat in the method used in professional kitchens. The pathways enable acidic-based marinades to naturally tenderize meat in less time.