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60 Piercing Blades
Coarse Pounder
Smooth Pounder
Marinate Meat & Poultry in Minutes
Instead of Hours Use the Impressor to quickly marinate meat or poultry.
Quickly Marinate Pork Loin
Use the Impressor to quickly and naturally marinate a pork loin for baking or barbequing.
Boneless Chicken Cutlets
How to make perfect boneless chicken cutlets.
Brining a Whole Chicken or Turkey
How to brine a whole turkey or chicken.
Healthy Oven-Baked Chicken Crispy Wings
Making crispy oven-baked chicken wings using the Impressor.
Fast Mariting Fish, Chicken or Meats
The Impressor, meat tenderizing tool makes marinating possible in a fraction of the usual time.
Grilled Vegatables
Using the Impressor to prepare vegetables for the grill or roasting.
Southwestern Tortilla Chip Coating
Creating a delicios Southwestern Style Tortilla Chip Coating.
Safely Crushing Garlic Quickly
Get the most flavor by crushing garlic with the Impressor smooth pounding plate.
Home-made Healthy Breadings, Flourings and Coatings
Using the Impressor smooth pounding attachment to make healthy breading, flourings and coating for all kinds of meat, poultry and fish.


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